Bodystocking Help on Frequent Questions

Bodystocking help?

The Bodystocking Help on this page has been put together to answer the most frequently asked questions about bodystockings. We review this list periodically to update it with new questions that may have arisen.

What is a bodystocking made from?

A bodystocking is either made from “100% nylon” or a mix of nylon and elastane, such as “90% nylon, 10% elastane”. This blend of materials is what many would describe as Lycra. Elastane is a synthetic fibre known for its elasticity and usually forms the smaller percentage of the bodystocking’s composition. Spandex is the preferred term in North America. The word spandex originated as an anagram of the word ‘expands’. Lycra is a brand name featuring this material.

How do I care for a bodystocking?

Moisturising your body before pulling on a bodystocking will normally extend its life. The bodystocking is less likely to run or be damaged. A bodystocking should be hand washed with a mild detergent and then laid out flat to dry. A washed bodystocking should not be hung to dry or wrung out as It will lose its shape.

Can I buy a bodystocking that is not ‘open crotch’ or ‘crotchless’?

All bodystockings are open crotch. The terms, crotchless and ‘convenience opening’, mean the same thing. A bodytight is what you want if you’d prefer the crotch to be closed. We are endeavouring to find and offer these when we can, but bodytights are not as common as bodystockings.

Sheer bodystockings are very popular and made with a semi-transparent material that is usually a very thin knit.

Opaque bodystockings, on the other hand, are made with a thicker material meant to be impenetrable by light and so make good ‘winter warmers’.

Lace bodystockings are a prettier style and can vary greatly in appearance due to the pattern created.

Other popular styles of bodystocking, include Fishnet which is a material with an open, diamond shaped knit. The size of the diamonds can vary with style. For example, the fence net style has larger shaped diamonds than fishnet.

Turtleneck is another popular style with lovers of bodystockings. The turtleneck style features a high, tubular collar that fits closely about the neck and is closed with a popper on the back.

There are many other styles, as seen in our list of bodystocking categories.

Who wears bodystockings?

Many people believe bodystockings are worn solely in the bedroom, and so are usually seen as a sexual item of lingerie. Bodystockings are bought for other reasons as well. They can be worn as a practical form of thermal underwear helping retain body heat during the colder months. Bodystockings also help define body shape under tight fitting clothes. Many photographers prefer their models to wear bodystockings under their outer clothing. There is also an increasing number of men who like to wear bodystockings.

Where can I find out more about Bodystockings?

Wikipedia is a good place to start when looking for more information and history on bodystockings.