Popular Bodystocking Styles

Bodystocking styles come in many different forms and we have found these to be the most popular with our customers. Fishnet and Suspender styles are the most popular, we find.

Fishnet Styles

The fishnet style comes in a few variations. This is one of the most popular styles for a bodystocking. Take a look at what fishnet styles we have available for you to select from.

Suspender Styles

Suspender bodystockings are another style that can come in a number of different variations. Click on the image to view what options of this style are available to buy from our shop.

Coloured Styles

Bodystocking colours traditionally come in black or beige colours. We endeavour to provide variations to these standard colours. Red and white feature in our shop as well as other colours such as blue and purple.

Bodysuit Styles

Bodysuits are like bodystockings with the legs cut off. They are a very popular style for wearing under normal work or leisure clothes. It is a style we are always looking to increase the numbers of in our shop.

New Styles

New bodystocking styles are constantly being added to our shop. We have a few preferred suppliers and we constantly check for new lines of bodystocking that they have on offer.

Featured Bodystockings: