Bodysuit for Under or Outer Wear

Bodysuit Basics

A bodysuit is a piece of clothing similar to a leotard or one-piece swimsuit. As a result, it covers your torso and hips and frequently fastens with hooks and eyes or small snaps in the crotch. If it has fastenings, then it can be opened at the bottom on visiting the rest room and so does not need to be removed.

Why wear a bodysuit? A practical reason for wearing one is to have a top that looks properly tucked in. As a result, there is no need to worry about it becoming untucked or riding up. The bodysuit provides a seamless look to the outfit.

What We Offer!

Bodysuit Fabric

Bodysuits can be made of almost any clothing material. So, the fabrics, cotton, polyester, lace and nylon can all feature. It can be sheer or opaque, plunging neckline or high neck, long sleeve or sleeveless. Often, they are made of stretchy, snug, or body hugging material. The same material is normally used throughout the entire garment.

Where to Wear

A bodysuit can be worn for day or night! However, some are more suited for daytime because of their material or style, while others may feel more sexy and fun for a night out. Due to the material, many are just worn as lingerie. You can, however, mix and match as you please. Sheer, fishnet, or lace styles are great as part of an outfit when on an evening out.

A bodysuit is ideal for wearing underneath a sheer blouse or dress as it is skin tight and stays out of the way. Wearing it in this way is like wearing a slip for your upper body. As a bodysuit tends to be snug, it is great for layering!

What we Offer

Our bodysuits are more sheer, and so tend to be worn as lingerie. Bodies is a common, and alternative name given to these, but can make them harder to search for. Many sheer, fishnet, or lace styles can be worn as outer garments when clubbing or indoors. Why not take a look what we currently have in our shop…

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