Fishnet Bodystocking Styles

The Fishnet Bodystocking is one of the most popular styles of bodystocking and so one we stock in numbers. However, there are a number of other bodystocking designs closely related to this style, which we describe below.

Fishnet Bodystocking

Fishnet Bodystocking Feature

The Fishnet Bodystocking is a popular, classic style which is identified by having small, open diamond shapes in the bodystocking. It is one of the most appealing bodystocking styles on offer.

Fence Net Bodystocking

Fence Net Bodystocking Feature

The Fence Net Bodystocking is very similar to the Fishnet Bodystocking. The difference is that the open diamond shapes in the bodystocking are much larger.

Stringy Net Bodystocking

Stringy Net Bodystocking Feature

The Stringy Net Bodystocking is comprised of a net design made in the shape of strings. The style is not clearly defined and so varies in appearance as well as often being unsymmetrical.

Pothole Bodystocking

Pothole Bodystocking Feature

The Pothole Bodystocking is very similar in design to the Fence Net bodystocking because it features large holes. The size of the holes vary between styles and brands.

Micro Mesh Bodystocking

Micro Mesh Bodystocking Feature

The Micro Mesh Bodystocking is a cross between the Opaque and Fishnet styles. It is constructed from a finely woven fabric that has an opaque look to it.

That concludes this little overview of the various fishnet bodystocking styles which we hope has been helpful. It may even encourage you to try one or more of these sexy styles which we stock in our shop.