Suspender Bodystocking Styles

Suspender Bodystocking styles are popular and frequently searched for. There are a number of variations on this style which all feature their own unique design element. There may be only subtle differences between the following suspender bodystocking styles. However, that can make all the difference to the type of bodystocking you are searching for.

Suspender Bodystocking

Suspender Bodystocking Feature

The Suspender Bodystocking is a ‘one piece’ bodystocking with a ‘cut out’ in the region of the suspender. This style is further identified by the thick straps that join the legs to the body.

Cami Suspender Bodystocking

Cami Suspender Bodystocking Feature

The Cami Suspender Bodystocking features a cut out in the region of the suspender. However, the thin straps that join the legs to the upper part distinguish it from other styles..

Teddy Suspender Bodystocking

Teddy Suspender Bodystocking Feature

The Teddy Suspender Bodystocking features a bodysuit as the upper part of the bodystocking. The upper part is joined to the legs by straps which can be of varying thickness.

Tank Top Bodystocking

Tank Top Bodystocking Feature

The Tank Top Bodystocking is another variation on the suspender style. The upper part is shaped like a tank top in this design. It is of a minimilist design and so this is the most revealing, and sexiest, of these designs.

Garter Dress Bodystocking

Garter Dress Bodystocking Feature

The Garter Dress Bodystocking has an upper part shaped like a mini dress, which is an attractive feature of it. This style comes in many variations, typically lace and fishnet. The common design feature is that it is shaped like a tight dress.

The differences between the suspender styles are subtle. You can see which of the described styles any of these belong to on close examination though.